InteractiveTTC offers TnT classes for Beginners-Advance students!  Check out our variety of classes below.  
Take a look at our Class schedule to find out days of week and times we offer our very fun and "Interactive" Trampoline and Tumbling classes!

Beginning Trampoline and Tumbling

Great for the beginner who is new to InteractiveTTC!  In this class they will build strength, learn NEW skills and make new friends, all in a safe environment with awesome coaches!  Trampoline- they will learn seat, tummy, doggie, and back drops, also known as safety shapes.  Tumbling they will learn forward rolls, cartwheels, bridges and even a front flip!  This class lays a strong foundation for all future classes here at InteractiveTTC!

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Intermediate Trampoline and Tumbling

If you already have a front flip on the trampoline and a round-off on the floor, then jump into this class.  You will learn backflips, beginning twisting skills and back hand-springs.  Your child will love this class and the skills they learn!

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Wall Trampoline

Take your trampoline skills vertical in our "Wall Tramp" class.  We offer beginner to awesome wall classes.  You will learn to "walk up and out" of our 8 foot wall and learn how to "drop in" from our 8 foot wall! 

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Combo Classes

InteractiveTTC offers Trampoline and Circus classes!  Get the best of both worlds by a little bit of each.  We focus on trampoline, tumbling and circus in our combo class.  Students love this class because they get to do a little bit of each of their favorite apparatus.  Come join this class to jump, flip and fly!

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Mixed Trampoline

Come and join this high bouncing class where we only do bouncy trampolines.  Bounce on our olympic sized trampolines, flip on tumble-trampolines and learn awesome flipping skills and sequences off the double mini trampoline!

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