Dynamite All Stars

We are excited for the 2020-2021 season of Dynamite All Stars!  Our awesome coaches are here to make your athletes' experience with Dynamite All Stars a memorable one!  We encourage every athlete to do their best while focusing on good sportsmanship, respect and positive attitudes on and off the floor!  No experience is needed to join our team(s).  Dynamite All Stars is Redlands only All Star Cheer!  Don't miss out on the fun and 'dynamite' season!   If you are interested in joining the team please call or email InteractiveTTC and we will get you into the gym and onto the floor!  

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Dynamite All Stars Guide - Return to Practice

We are excited to start opening our doors here at InteractiveTTC. Looks like our doors will start to open for business on June 21st, with a modified class schedule.  Covid-19 has changed so many protocols for business’s.  There are many new procedures to be implemented to the safe resumption of all programs inside InteractiveTTC.

I know many of you have emailed/asked about our All Star Cheer program this year.  We are happy to say YES we are going to have a team(s).  We are looking to start our Dynamite All Star program in  mid August.  By doing so, it will give us a chance to open our doors slowly and with good thoughts and intentions of safety for all of our students inside InteractiveTTC.  We also need the time to promote and advertise for this years season!  We hope all of our cheer students will be returning with some of their friends!

Over summer what can I do to be prepared for the season? Well, glad you are thinking that way!  Please take a Cheer 101 with Coach Alex over the summer or enroll into a tumbling class or BOTH!  Everyone knows how important tumbling is!  NOW is the time to get into the gym and start preparing for next season.  We want your athlete physically and mentally ready for a ‘Dynamite’ cheer season!   Class schedule will be up soon, or already up on our website.  We have limited classes to a 5:1 ratio so we can social distance and keep all students safe.

As we start getting closer to the season starting Interactive you will receive the information.   We will also be laying out updated safety protocols for: pick up and drop off, wellness checks, training and cleaning, physical distancing and athlete equipment.  Understand that these procedures will change and evolve over time following any new or revised guidelines by the County and State.

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